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The first step in getting a website up and running is to give it a name. This is called a domain name. We have made this process very easy for you.

Just Type in the domain name that you would like to buy and click search. If the name you want is not available, then we will automatically give you a list of alternative names.

Transfer in an existing domain

Tip 1

Bring your existing domain names to us for maximum savings and control. When you purchase a domain name, you are allowed to take it with you if you ever decided to leave your previous registrar.

We have made every effort to be the lowest no gimmicks domain provider on the internet.

Your registrar is the person who assigned you your domain name. Usually the person who you purchased it from.

Tip 2

You should seriously consider purchasing privacy. Privacy allows others to see that the domain is registered, however it will hide the specific information about the owner such as their phone number and address. This usually cost less than 2 dollars a year and will save you the headache of telemarketing calls from people who collect random phone numbers from the internet.

Tip 3

Do not trust just anyone to be your registrar. There are endless horror stories about people who have lost their website domain names because of bad management by their registrar.

Tip 4

Always have domain names that you want to keep with our auto-renew on feature. This way you will make sure the account will never become delinquent if you loose track and you won't loose your website domain name.

What if something goes wrong with my autopay payment?

Our policy is as follows:

We will make every reasonable effort to contact you and notify you of what is going on.

Even if you miss several payment we still provide a grace period and will make every attempt to keep you from loosing your domain or website.